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Let Us Help You Finance Your Life with Intention

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Financial Guidance for Prosperous Individuals, Entrepreneurs & Their Families Modesto, CA Sierra Ocean Custom Wealth

Financial Guidance for Prosperous Individuals, Entrepreneurs & Their Families

At Sierra Ocean, we work with a dynamic group of clients who each have distinct goals for their lives yet share a common challenge. They’re financially successful—but between professional and family obligations, they’re spread thin. If you’re a busy professional or business owner seeking a lead advisor to help coordinate and improve your financial life, you’re in the right place.

Our Mission

By crafting purposeful wealth solutions and being your personal partner, helping you live well is our goal.

At a Glance,

Here’s a Bit About What You Can Expect From Us

Conflict-Free Fiduciary Advice is Our Commitment Modesto, CA Sierra Ocean Custom Wealth
Conflict-Free, Fiduciary Advice is Our Commitment

We don’t receive kickbacks for recommending products over others—we provide guidance based on an understanding of your family’s circumstances and needs.

We Specialize in the Needs of Business Owners Modesto, CA Sierra Ocean Custom Wealth
We Specialize in the Needs of Business Owners

Uniquely familiar with entrepreneurship, we specialize in serving business owners but we also work well with successful professionals on an upward financial trajectory.

Speaking Your Language is Our Thing Modesto, CA Sierra Ocean Custom Wealth
Speaking Your Language is Our Thing

While founder Jeff Burrow is a professional fiduciary with Wall Street Experience, he explains things in normal terms. No confusing jargon here—just straightforward talk.

Based in CA, We Also Serve All States Modesto, CA Sierra Ocean Custom Wealth
Based in CA, We Also Serve All States

Whether you’re located nearby or elsewhere, we’ll work with you either in person or virtually based on your needs and preference.

At Sierra Ocean, Number Crunching is Part of Our Work, But

Improving Your Life is What We’re All About

Benjamin Franklin

Warren Buffett

Henry David Thoreau

Haruki Murakami

Ayn Rand


Wealth is not his that has it, but his that enjoys it.

If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your money.

Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.

Spend your money on the things money can buy. Spend your time on the things money can’t buy.

Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as the driver.

It is not the man who has too little, but the man who craves more, that is poor.

Jeff Burrow, CFP®, AIF® Photo

Jeff Burrow, CFP®, AIF®

Founder, Lead Advisor
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Jeff Burrow

Jeff Burrow, CFP®, AIF®

Founder, Lead Advisor

Founder Jeff Burrow focuses on the wealth management needs of clients all across the country. A large portion of his clients are business owners like he is. He improves the lives of entrepreneurial families by working with them on investment policy, retirement planning, alternative investments, tax strategizing and estate planning.

He began his career after being exposed to it at a young age. Jeff had the unfortunate experience of having his father pass away when he was just 16 years old. As a bright student who had already begun to develop an interest in business and finance, he accompanied his young, newly widowed mother to meet with financial advisors and navigate the often murky waters of receiving good financial advice. Little did they know that the “advisors” they spoke to were all salespeople selling products. His mother never received good advice on what steps to take to become financially strong.

It was after Jeff graduated magna cum laude from UC Santa Barbara that he set his sights on a career in financial planning and advice. He knew that people wanted to develop relationships with advisors they could trust, who spoke like real people (not over people’s heads), and were knowledgeable enough to give them an edge in their family’s personal finances. And so he began his career with the idea that people needed help with more than just their investment portfolios. What people want is confidence that they are on track financially towards their goals. We provide conflict-free advice to get them there.

Jeff is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) professional and began his financial career with Morgan Stanley in the late 1990s. After co-founding his own independent advisory firm known as Valley Wealth in 2008, he merged with Goldman Sachs Personal Financial Management predecessor firm United Capital Financial Advisors in 2014. In 2021, he decided to again leave Wall Street and create his own independent advice company.

Jeff is a member of the Stanislaus County Estate Planning Council, a founding member of the Transfer of Wealth Technical Advisory Committee for the Stanislaus Community Foundation, and has been a board member for the Boys & Girls Club of Stanislaus County.

Born and raised in the Central Valley of California, Jeff is happy to live in the same area where he grew up. He and his wife, Nicole, keep busy raising their three children. In his free time, he enjoys golfing, hiking and going to the beach with family.

Dezaree Seeds, CFP®, MBA Photo

Dezaree Seeds, CFP®, MBA

Director of Operations
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Dezaree Seeds

Dezaree Seeds, CFP®, MBA

Director of Operations

Dezaree began her career in finance in 2008 when she started at a small, local and independent firm as an intern during her MBA program at California State University, Stanislaus. She slowly climbed the ladder through the years and held titles such as operations and projects analyst, senior client services manager, senior relationship manager, wealth manager and vice president. Eventually, her company was bought out by one of the leading global investment management firms in 2019. But, she quickly realized that working for a smaller, independent firm fit her personality better. She joined Jeff Burrow at Sierra Ocean, LLC to help create the kind of financial company people need in today’s world.

Dezaree is dedicated to providing each client with the services and expertise needed to ensure the most comfortable journey toward achieving their financial goals. She is crucial in helping to develop and implement a financial plan that works for all types of clients from all walks of life. Her operations and back office expertise, coupled with her financial advising experience, is essential in the daily management of the office.

She holds a Master of Business Administration and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. She is also fiercely passionate about her community and loves to be involved in various organizations. Dezaree is a graduate of the 2017 Leadership Modesto program, which is known for inspiring, growing and uniting high-quality leadership in the community. She serves on the board of directors for numerous nonprofits including the Healthy Aging Association and the Central Valley Professional Exchange. She serves on the Walk to End Alzheimer's Committee in honor of her grandma Helen and is a proud member of the Modesto Sunrise Rotary Club.

On a personal note, Dezaree is proud to have been born and raised in Modesto, CA. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, spending quality time with friends and family, and loving on her Mini Goldendoodle, Charlie.

Mayra Meza, MBA Photo

Mayra Meza, MBA

Director of Client Services
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Isabelle Scrantom

Mayra Meza, MBA

Director of Client Services 

Mayra Meza is a first-generation college graduate, with over 15 years of professional experience. She is a natural quick-study and has built a varied skill set through years of learning how to manage a company. Mayra has been able to combine a sound understanding of Human Resources and Business Management by working for one of the largest private employers in the country, as well as through becoming a partner in a franchise investment. Her professional experience has allowed her to be a part of the board of directors of both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Mayra brings a unique blend of creative and strategic management talents, along with outstanding cross-cultural communication skills to Sierra Ocean, LLC.

Mayra obtained a Master's in Business Administration degree from California State University, Stanislaus. Mayra hopes that by obtaining a higher education she will help create a stepping stone for upcoming professionals, specifically women. A significant career objective is to continue to expand her educational and professional knowledge as an opportunity to better serve others in the financial world. To that end, she is studying for and plans to obtain her Series 65 – Uniform Investment Adviser Law license.

Mayra was raised and currently resides in the Central Valley, where she proudly serves the communities she knows best. Mayra enjoys spending time with family and friends along with traveling, outdoor activities, going to the beach and attending concerts.  Mayra also enjoys several hobbies like Pilates, photography and paddle boarding. 

Why Choose Us Over the Competition?

Because We Improve Your Life and Not Just Your Finances

Why hire a financial advisor? The list of services offered might be long, but oftentimes when hiring a financial advisor, you actually don’t get financial advice. Crazy, right? Instead, you get products thrown your way that may earn the advisor a commission but don’t always give you what you need. We deliver what you need: advice that makes sense for your life and goals. In turn, this leads to confidence, which takes away stress around money—and brings back your smile.

With Sierra Ocean, You Get...

Shared Insight

In working with hundreds of individuals and families like yours, we know what works. That means you’ll receive the benefit of vetted solutions for problems we’ve already solved.

Diligence & Professionalism

You can rest assured that since our compensation is not in the form of an upfront commission, we continually give our best effort and professional advice at all times in order to do what is in your best interest.


It’s one thing to say you’re going to do something, but having good intentions won’t always get the job done. We’ll keep you accountable when it comes to taking action to achieve your goals and making decisions that match the values you hold near to your heart.

A Calm, Informed Voice

Bad days in the capital markets don’t feel good. Second guessing the hard work and financial plan you’ve put in place is common. In working with us, you’ll have a steady hand to make sure you don’t make mistakes from knee-jerk reactions that could cause long-term pain.

Clear Desk, Clear Mind

Just think of how your desk or computer desktop looks right now. Whether it’s at home or work, it’s easy for documents to pile up. Likewise, the procrastination of making financial decisions means our life begins to be run by “default,” which is a strategy that could lead to failure. We will get your entire financial life strategically organized and help to keep it that way.

Does Our Approach Resonate with You?

Let’s see if we’d be a good fit to collaborate.

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Putting Relaxed Confidence Back into Your Life

By Managing the Details of Your Wealth

Bringing Direction to Your Financial Strategy Modesto, CA Sierra Ocean Custom Wealth

Bringing Direction to Your Financial Strategy

From established business owners to emerging high-earning professionals, our clients lead busy lives. We provide custom wealth care to help you continue excelling in your career and enjoying time with family—with the knowledge that your finances are taken care of and your future planned for.

Our Services

Which Service Offering is Right for You?

Modesto, CA Sierra Ocean Custom Wealth


Liquid Net Worth $2,000,000+

Management of assets includes personal trust or joint brokerage accounts and retirement assets.

  • Tax optimization and planning
  • Custom investment portfolio management
  • Alternative investments
  • Private credit/alternative income and yield
  • Insurance review and completion
Modesto, CA Sierra Ocean Custom Wealth


Liquid Net Worth $4,000,000+

Management of assets includes personal trust or joint brokerage accounts, retirement assets and custodial accounts.

  • Tax optimization and planning
  • Custom investment portfolio management
  • Alternative investments
  • Private credit/alternative income and yield
  • Debt management
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance review and completion
Modesto, CA Sierra Ocean Custom Wealth


Liquid Net Worth $10,000,000+

Management of assets includes personal trust or joint brokerage accounts, retirement assets, custodial accounts and corporate money.

  • Tax optimization and planning
  • Custom or alternative investment management
  • Private credit/alternative income and yield
  • Insurance review and completion
  • Charitable giving strategy
  • Debt management
  • Estate planning
  • Coordination with your estate planning attorney, business attorney, CPA/accountant, insurance broker/agent, financial advisor(s)
  • Multigenerational planning, including education for next generation
  • Investment portfolio management for children of client under age of 30
  • Consultation on company retirement plan optimization

Let Us Simplify Things for You

We seek to coordinate, organize and optimize all details around your financial picture.

Reach Out

How Our Process Works

Money is Interconnected with How You Live Your Life

This is why our process places you & your values at the center of your wealth plan.

The first thing we ever do is get to know each other. Looking at your statements and “talking numbers” will be part of the process, but it’s not the first thing. That’s because we don't sell you financial products as a means of getting paid. We provide financial savvy and expertise—and getting to know you and your family is an important part of giving you the guidance you need.

Financial Planning process - Get to know each Other Modesto, CA Sierra Ocean Custom Wealth

Step 1

Get to Know Each Other

Together, we’ll meet to have a conversation about what’s important to you, how you think about money, and what values you esteem. We’ll also go over your personal data together and how this relates to the things that matter most to you in your life.

After the first time meeting with clients, they will often remark, “I learned things about my spouse and myself that make me want to keep this conversation going.” Once we get to know you on the level which transcends “just the numbers,” we’ll develop our recommendations and deliver them in an easy-to-understand format.

Financial Planning Process - Begin Improving Your Financial Modesto, CA Sierra Ocean Custom Wealth

Step 2

Begin Improving Your Financial Life

Our team of financial professionals will be assigned a set of action items to begin improving your wealth strategy immediately. While your portfolio will take time to grow, we can begin to make improvements in the areas that might be giving you the most pain, like organizing your cash flow, managing debt and taxes, and helping you determine where to save your money.

And, don’t worry, we’ve got some action items for you, too. We’ll assign clear tasks that’ll be due anywhere from 30, 60, or 90 days out, until our next check-in meeting.

Financial Planning - Check In About Your Progress Modesto, CA Sierra Ocean Custom Wealth

Step 3

Check-In About Your Progress

After we’ve implemented your financial strategy, we’ll meet to see how things are going and if changes need to be made.

No worries if adjustments are needed! Just like using a navigation tool on your smart phone, if we see "traffic ahead" or if you're unintentionally "off course," we will offer recommendations to get you back on track. It is these small, manageable action steps which help compound your ability to do well with your money.

Financial Planning - Provide Ongoing Guidance Modesto, CA Sierra Ocean Custom Wealth

Step 4

Provide Ongoing Guidance

From here, we set forth on the journey of integrating what you value most in life with your nest egg and financial strategies. We’re committed to understanding you and your family as if you are part of our own—and staying in tune with the happenings of your life.

In fact, throughout our entire relationship, we’ll continually only recommend strategies we would use for our family, friends and our personal finances. We figure if it’s good enough for our family, it should also work well for yours.

Discover If We’re a Fit to Partner Together

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Offering Personal Advice & Partnership Modesto, CA Sierra Ocean Custom Wealth

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